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Joëlle helps restoring flexibility and normal range of movement, there where movement is restricted and painful. By applying a variety of techniques she can help muscles, joints and nerves to recover from injury and to function to their full potential. In addition physiotherapy can have a significant impact improving athletic performance by enhancing balance, co-ordination and muscle control of both the horse and rider.

Lameness is often the last symptom implementing that an injury is already present.

Do not wait until it is too late. Have your horse assessed regularly. Prevention is better than cure.



Do not treat the symptoms, but tackle the cause


Bending to the left or collection is not going smoothly?
Recognisable for a lot of riders, but what is the cause?
Pain? Rider technique? A bad fitting saddle?

Listen to your horse

Poor performance is often resulting from an old injury that has not healed properly, an ill-fitting saddle, or poor riding technique.

Horses can`t tell us where their pain is or if they have injured themselves, and they are often clever at hiding their discomfort. Pain or discomfort in any degree is inhibiting and detracts from the performance ability of the horse.

Schooling problems or reduced performance can all be caused by pain, muscle weakness or joint stiffness. Unfortunately many of these signs are often underestimated and disregarded as ‘behavioural’ problems.

Treatment in the early stages of injury is most beneficial and therefore prompt referral to the physiotherapist from the veterinary surgeon is recommended. Many veterinarians or horse owners do not ask for physiotherapy intervention until all else has failed. Treatment at this stage is often less effective and this means that `physiotherapy` is looked upon as a waste of time and money. Physiotherapy should not be thought of as a last resort, it is very effective when used at the appropriate time.


  • Soft tissue manipulations
  • Reflex Inhibition Technique
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Acupressure
  • Deep friction massage
  • Massage/bodywork
  • Postural release
  • Strain counter strain
  • Neuromuscular techniques
  • Core stability training
  • Proprioceptive taping
  • Rehabilitation programmes
  • Saddle fit


Equestrian sport is becoming more technically demanding and horses are under greater pressure to perform. Therefore the well-coordinated and balanced horse will always have an advantage. Routine maintenance of the horse’s neuromuscular and muscular-skeletal systems will help to ensure the peak condition of the “equine athlete”.

Horses, like people, respond well to physiotherapy modalities that include joint manipulation, osteopathic techniques, acupressure, massage, electro-therapeutic modalities and specific rehabilitation/exercise programmes. Even if you don`t have a specific injury or trauma it is good practice to have your horse routinely checked. This means that small problems can be detected early and prevented from developing into more serious issues.

" The horse is an athlete, whether he is used for light hacking, or top level competition.
Athletes are prone to suffer from muscle pain or musculo-skeletal injuries.
Organise regular check-ups tailored to your horse’s needs. "

Move to cure


Horses move by contracting and relaxing their muscles. In an event of pain the muscles compensate. Muscle spasm and tension is the body`s way of protecting itself against further injury, but also causes asymmetry along the spine. With time, this affects the balance and performance of the horse. Long term altered movement patterns put constant strain on the joints and tendons, resulting in lameness. Physiotherapy and myofascial release can help restore muscle function and movement, preventing injury and lameness.

Human evidence based practice has proven that exercise and correct posture are the key to a good rehabilitation. Professional athletes are massaged daily and follow intensive training programs. Joëlle teaches you how to stretch and exercise your horse to keep him supple, because you play an integral part of the rehabilitation.

" Treat your horse like an athlete to improve his welfare and performance! "

Book a consultation

What can you expect?


A full history is taken, followed by a physical examination, a gait analysis and treatment. This will take approximately 1.5 hours. Range of movement of neck, back, and limbs are assessed. A palpatory examination will reveal areas of tension, tenderness and lack of mobility. Following the assessment, a treatment and rehabilitation plan is formulated. If necessary you will be referred to the right professional: farrier, dentist, veterinarian or trainer.

Joëlle will make recommendations on after care and provide the rider, or trainer, with a specific home exercise programme.

The rider plays an integral part of the rehabilitation. If you don`t do your exercises you won`t be as successful. If your saddle does not fit, you will only have a temporary improvement.

  • " Joёlle`s treatments have had a significant and positive impact on my horses in competition. I have used a lot of physical therapists over the years but I have never seen such a remarkable change in my horses as when Joёlle works on them. Cadillac loves her! "

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    Catherine Haddad-Staller

    International Dressage rider, Team US
  • " Joёlle is integral to the training and well being of our horses and sees them regularly to keep them fit and healthy athletes. Joёlle is a highly qualified physiotherapist and also a fully trained saddle fitter. With these skills and her general enthusiasm for the sport we feel she would be a great asset to any competition yard. "

    Maisie Scruton

    International dressage rider of team GB
  • " Joëlle is highly talented in her job and she knows what she's doing. She already made some big difference with horses at our yard. We are very happy. "

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    Stefan Van Ingelgem

    International dressage rider Belgium team
  • " I am a Belgian dressage rider and member of the Belgian Young Riders dressage team. My trainer is the Belgian top dressage rider Jeroen Devroe. Joёlle is regularly taking care of our successful horses. For the last few years I have been selected for the European Youth Championships together with Noémi Goris and Mieke Mommen also stabled at Jeroen Devroe`s yard. We all have had top results winning gold, silver and bronze medals at the Belgian Championships. Dressage is about the complete picture. Joёlle has been an important part of that team helping our horses to compete at top level. The horses benefit from her treatments. At the Europeans in Broholm I even received the `Classical Style award` among other things because of my horse looking like a happy athlete. "

    Tahnée Waelkens

    International dressage rider, young riders team Belgium
  • " Ms Steyt is a credentialed Physiotherapist with a Masters Degree from the Royal Veterinary College in London. She is also a Certified Saddle Fitter. In such capacity Ms Steyt treats high level competition horses of many disciplines in the UK and Europe. The services she provides are unique and valuable to the Sport Horse Industry. "

    Dr Gregory Staller

    DVM, Diplomate ACVS
  • " Reeds van kindsaf ben ik getroffen door het paardenvirus. Vooral de discipline dressuur is een echte passie geworden. Vandaag de dag rijden we op nationaal niveau richting Prix Saint-Georges en willen we telkens beter en bewuster gaan rijden. Een paar jaar geleden hadden we heel wat strubbelingen naar het zoeken van een passend zadel voor mijn toen 7-jarige merrie. Veel zadelpassers zijn over de vloer geweest maar elke keer opnieuw hadden we terug problemen. Paardenfysiotherapeute en MSFC zadlepasser Joëlle Steyt kwam toen op mijn pad en heeft mij enorm geholpen naar het zoeken van een passend zadel. Niet alleen het paard werd bekeken onder de man, maar ook de ruiter. Joëlle helpt mee zoeken naar een oplossing op alle vlakken, wat haar uniek maakt in haar job! We kunnen alleen maar positief zijn over de resultaten want nu, twee jaar later, loopt mijn merrie beter dan ooit. Ze heeft veel meer souplesse, rechtgerichtheid en werklust. Dat resulteert dan ook naar schitterende resultaten op concours! "

    Caroline Op de Beeck

  • " I almost gave up on finding a devoted, highly skilled professional with the welfare of my horses at heart, and not handling only in the pursuit of money like a lot of so called ‘therapists’. But then, some years ago, I was introduced to Joёlle and since our first conversation Joёlle has made me more conscious about teaching and training in a way that I could never have hoped for. The hard labour she sometimes does on the horses and riders is priceless. She's the no-nonsense type! Listen to her advice and accept your own and your horses' weaknesses and you will be gratefully rewarded! "

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    Natasja Van Den Bogaert

    Dressage trainer and rider
  • " Wij zijn bij Stal Vink altijd heel blij als Joëlle onze stal bezoekt!! Na een zoektocht gezien mijn paard onstabiel op de trailer stond, en ik me zadel ook niet optimaal vond liggen, ben ik in contact gekomen met Joëlle Steyt. Na één behandeling en een nieuw passend zadel was het trailer probleem snel verholpen. We zijn van de klasse Z2 nu een Lichte Tour combinatie en startgerechtigd in de intermediaire. En is me paard rechter, sterker en fijner dan ooit. Ik en me topper We’ll See, maar ook zeker mijn leerlingen, zijn dan ook zeer tevreden over Joëlle der hulp, der luistert oor en al haar advies. Om zo nog beter te presteren, maar zeker ook om onze paarden gezond te houden. Zowel voor de professionele maar zeker ook voor de amateur ruiter-paard een grote aanrader!! "

    Margretha Vink

    Stal Vink, Groede, Nederland

Price is what you pay


Het bereden paard wordt dagelijks belast door training, ruiter en zadel. Train bewust met uw paard en behandel het als een atleet. Alle rekeningen zijn in contanten te betalen op de dag van de consultatie. Indien gewenst kan een factuur opgemaakt worden. De tarieven zijn incl. 21% BTW. Bij meerdere paarden per eigenaar geldt een korting van €5 per paard. Bij een reisafstand van meer dan 30km vanaf Brugge geldt er km vergoeding.

Physiotherapy assessment and treatment + saddle fitting advice: € 135