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Your saddle determines the welfare of your horse. Saving money by buying cheap tack will only cause you more problems in the long run, increasing your vet bills. Invest in a sounder future for your horse with Equiphys by investing in a quality saddle with a high quality after care service.

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" Why do so many riders choose one of the world's most highly respected brands, Albion Saddlemakers? "

Albion saddles have been continually developed over 25 years and are now recognised as one of the world’s leading saddle brands. The design and engineering of the product, sets it apart from all other competitors, and the quality and quantity of professional riders throughout the world proves that the ‘science of feel’ really brings superior results.

" For a perfect performance all things need to be perfect. " Klaus Balkenhol

Original Design
Extensive equestrian knowledge from in-house designers who are experienced competition riders. Constant research into horse conformations and breeding development. All new Albion products are ‘Tried and Tested’ by their team of world class sponsored riders.

Quality Manufacture
The exclusive saddle construction is 100% British in-house manufacture. Unique in-house tree design and manufacture. Rigorous testing of their exclusive saddle trees, approved to the latest British Standard. Detailed quality control at each stage of saddle construction. Exclusive hand selected leathers from Europe’s leading tanneries. Every saddle is hand finished by experienced, qualified master saddlers.

Unique Service
Consultancy advice from 3 resident Society Master Saddlers - Qualified Saddle Fitters. A technical help line for retailers, agents, fitters and riders worldwide. Offering fitting advice on product updates and technical developments. Albion offers a complete repair service to the very highest standards.



Built on tradition. Designed using science. Created by craftsmen.

Our mission is to improve your horse’s performance with our range of scientifically proven saddles, bridles and girths.

The success we’ve achieved is built on a winning combination of tradition, technology and testing. Each item we develop is scrutinised using the latest pressure mapping and gait analysis systems available. You can trust that when we say our products help prevent muscular restriction and improve freedom of movement, our claims are backed up with accurate and independent scientific data. We believe this ground-breaking approach to combined diagnostic testing makes us unique.

All Fairfax products are handmade in England by highly skilled craftsmen and Master Saddlers using the finest English and Italian leather. Explore our range of saddles, girths and bridles and see for yourself how you could help enhance your horse’s competitive edge.



Kent & Masters belongs to the Fairfax family

Behind the Kent & Masters Saddlers name is a quarter century of saddle-making experience, saddle-fitting knowledge to the highest standard and equestrian expertise proven at international level.

The standard range: quality leather saddles with luxurious hide seat and knee pads and moveable blocks. Offers fitting solutions for even the trickiest conformation. The S-Series offers superior craftsmanship and higher specification for a truly luxurious feel and appearance.

All Kent & Masters saddles offer flexible features to help fine-tune the fit: changeable gullet bar, changeable girth straps, 100% britsich wool flocking, flocking slots, movable blocks

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